California’s Democratic Primary Debate Schedules Are As Expected

Newsom trades barbs with Dahle in California’s only 2022 gubernatorial debate — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) July 15, 2019

“We will need every single Democrat in this race to work as hard as they can to turn the page on this awful period in our history,” he continued.

“Any Democrat who will do that is a champion of California workers, Californians, and the values that we all share. Any Democrat who would seek to take the Democrats in this state for granted has abandoned their constituency.”

Ahead of Tuesday’s debate, two weeks before California’s gubernatorial election, the Democratic Party released the official debate schedules for the candidates, and they are as expected: It will be a non-stop series of questions on how to move past the state’s unprecedented budget crisis as well as a wide-ranging debate on a host of issues including healthcare, immigration, and the economy.

The candidates will be able to address topics from the economy, education, and the environment to labor and ethics. Though the primary debate is scheduled for Tuesday, the debate on immigration was held earlier in the month to avoid conflicting with the high-profile primary, and the debate on healthcare was held later in the month.

Candidates were invited to participate either in the debate on Tuesday, the debate on Wednesday, or both, though more than 60 candidates agreed to participate in the immigration debate in time for Tuesday.

Here’s a rundown of the candidates participating in the debate:

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the junior U.S. senator from California, has been one of the strongest candidates in this year’s election cycle. In July, she drew attention for her remarks in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville protests, when she decried those who “attacked and murdered demonstrators” as “bigotry and hatred.”

Harris had previously raised eyebrows when she suggested that Native Americans in California had a “toxic relationship” with the state. In April, she became the first candidate in the Democratic primary to explicitly back Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All proposal, which would create a single-payer healthcare system for all American citizens.

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