California’s next governor vows to fight Trump’s executive order

California set a record for greenhouse gas reductions in 2020, but it means nothing since President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that the U.S. intends to follow the Paris deal.

California’s next governor has vowed to fight Trump’s executive order, a move California’s Democratic Party hopes will energize and encourage voters to back candidates supportive of climate action.

“By forcing the California Legislature to pass a landmark climate bill, President Trump’s order is a gift to his fossil fuel company donors,” said Matt Eyles, deputy executive director of the California Democratic Party, in a statement. “This legislation, if enacted, will fight climate change and ensure our state benefits from the clean energy economy that we are all so excited about.”

California’s move comes just a few months after the federal government proposed eliminating California’s limits on carbon dioxide emissions. Under those regulations, the state would have been required to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions 35 percent by 2030. In the absence of federal standards, the state would have had to reduce its emissions to meet the standards even more aggressively.

California’s Legislature will have to pass legislation in order to reduce its carbon pollution under the executive order, which was issued by the White House on June 30.

The next governor will have to decide how to prioritize California’s climate and environmental policies, which will be determined by voters in the 2018 election.

California’s state Senate last week passed the bill with the support of Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon after receiving a green light from the state’s Democratic leaders. The legislation, introduced by state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, provides for renewable energy and emissions standards, along with environmental improvements like expanded vehicle emissions reporting, a clean car program, and a program to clean up toxic water.

“California is a leader in climate action. It stands to benefit from the clean energy revolution we’re seeing today. The state is set up to lead in this conversation, and we need to support policies that advance the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and growing our economy,” Jackson said in a statement.

Trump’s Executive Order

The Trump administration issued an executive order

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