Christopher “Konrad” LaVoie is a serial entrepreneur with a complicated history of run-ins with the law

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures

In January, a man known as Christopher “Konrad” LaVoie was arrested for assaulting and resisting police in New Jersey. According to the arrest warrant, he was yelling at police officers — “I’m not running from you, I’m running from myself!” — while resisting arrest.

LaVoie, also known as Chris LaVoie and Christopher “Konrad” LaVoie, is a man with an extensive track record of run-ins with the law and questionable business ventures.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with no history of employment or business experience, according to his LinkedIn page, which indicates that he holds an associate degree in business, but is not currently enrolled in classes for completion of his degree.

He has also worked on several other reality shows, including “The Apprentice,” “The Price Is Right” and “4 Days in New York.”

LaVoie has a history of run-ins with the law

The man behind the “4 Days” reality shows isn’t the only one who’s had a checkered business career. Christopher LaVoie has a complicated history of run-ins with the law.

A search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the last two decades shows that LaVoie has either registered or attempted to register at least 47 patent numbers, representing a total of 20 patents granted over the last two decades.

LaVoie has also filed for patents before the USPTO for dozens of other designs for household items, such as a stove top heating unit with a built-in microwave.

LaVoie is known to have been a former member of the Army’s Air Ambulance. The site lists his current residence as the U.S. Army Academy at West Point, but notes he has done his military training with the U.S. Army School of Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia.

A search on for the last two decades reveals that in addition to a stint as a member of the Army’s Air Ambulance in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, LaVoie was discharged under the following terms:

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