Los Angeles Police Department Holds Community Conversations to Demand Investigative Investigation

Angelenos call for resignations and reforms at town hall on racist audio leak to ABC – VIDEO

Los Angeles, CA (SPRING VILLAGE NEWS) – Hundreds of Angelenos in West Hollywood went to a town hall Monday night to share their anger and demand that officials find the source of a racist audio leak to ABC News.

The Town Halls was held as part of a week-long series of community-led conversations and discussions aimed at unearthing racism and bias within the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The community-led conversations were held following an ABC News special on the LAPD’s Rampart scandal, and following a report by KPCC reporter Matt Foster in which he describes a recording of police officers making racist comments.

After the special aired, the community conversations were held in response to what LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said was a “racially-motivated” leak.

At the town hall, a panel of community members told KPCC reporter Matt Foster that the leaked audio was “further evidence of LAPD racism and the need for an investigation into the leak of the racist tape.”

“You’re a liar,” one man yelled at Foster over and over again.

“You’re out to get me,” another man said, as he was heckled and booed by the audience.

“You want to be a racist?” a man said to someone in the audience.

The speakers held a moment of silence on Wednesday during the LAPD’s Rampart Town Hall, which included many of the people who were at the meeting.

After the panel of speakers, some people went inside the auditorium, while others stood for a minute of silence.

The crowd at the first round of town halls was diverse, at least based on the faces one can see in the video.

This round was mostly white.

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