Marisa Lewis Apologizes for Sexual Exploitation

Phil Spector killed her. The press tarred her. Her mother wants to ‘set the story straight’

“I didn’t do it,” Marisa Lewis says. “That’s something I don’t understand why she would say. What she’s done in her life, it’s not me that she’s not forgiving.”

The daughter of one of rock’s most influential women is now backtracking, apologizing—all while making statements that don’t seem to have much to do with the crime she admits she committed.

On February 19, Marisa Lewis, who goes by Marissa on her new record, came forward. Lewis had met with a reporter who had been pursuing the story for months via email, phone call, text message, and Facebook. The pair allegedly shared intimate sexual information, and she said she wasn’t surprised when the reporter followed up with her. She was, she said, and that didn’t sound like any way a person could take.

“I was very naive. I was very drunk. I didn’t even understand what was going on,” Lewis told the New York Daily News. “I didn’t want to leave my house. That’s the hardest part; leaving that party. If they wanted me to come out, they could have asked me that and I would have said yes. If I was sober, I’d have done it.”

So I asked Lewis about her apology.

“I have nothing to apologize for,” Lewis told The Daily Beast. “Nothing about it makes sense to me. I was the victim. I have nothing to apologize for. I’ve said that before because that seems to be what people want to say, but I didn’t do it. Why would they say anything like that?”

She said that she’s been in therapy, but has been unable to find anyone to be with. She feels like the therapy has more to do with the people in

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