Mayor Ed Lee is a Democrat

Editorial: What happens after Councilman Kevin de León’s apology tour?

It may be too soon to speculate whether or not his recent apology tour will affect San Francisco’s race for city controller next year, but Mayor Ed Lee and his allies in City Hall are already gearing up for what looks to be an even more contentious and expensive election than the one they just lost to Garcetti.

It’s been 11 years since voters rejected Lee’s attempt to turn a blue ribbon council District 7 into a permanent black ghetto.

In that election, all of the incumbent councilmembers received a number of accolades from voters who wanted change and who rejected Lee’s plan to impose his views on District 7.

Despite their success in 2014, his supporters are now in over their heads.

Even Lee himself acknowledges that he’s too old to be a mayor. He is now only 43. After a decade of his leadership, he is clearly past the point of no return.

If he doesn’t do something to correct his errors, this race is set to become even more of a bloodbath than the one that he just lost. And it won’t be an easy one to win.

The current mayor, Ed Lee, is one of 11 candidates vying for the top job at City Hall. Lee’s campaign team says they are going to be spending upwards of $8 million of which $4 million will be spent by Ed Lee himself.

His campaign team has also been making more controversial statements such as Mayor Ed Lee, who has been attacking Councilman Dan White. (Gary Reyes / NBC 5)

“With his new attacks, Lee has decided to become the anti-White for the first time in his career,” Lee campaign manager Jonathan Guttman said in a statement.

Guttman also pointed to the recent news that Lee made his first racist attack since becoming mayor. This is while he was trying to convince voters that District 7 wasn’t a racial

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