Obama is a Democrat and wants you to think he is a centrist

Letters to the Editor: Gas prices. Homelessness. This is why Republicans might win the Senate in the midterms.

March 29, 2014 9:40 pm

To the editor:

I was a Republican until the primaries in 2012, but after my husband told me he was going to vote for Obama, I gave my registration to the Obama campaign.

Obama was a Republican until the primaries in 2008 and now wants to be a Democratic. Obama’s “New and Improved” is the same as the “Old and OLD”: he is a Democrat and, like all Democrats, wants you to think he is a centrist, even a “moderate.” Obama is just like his grandfather, except he will become whatever his father is and his mother.

I give you Obama because his new policies are just like the new Democratic Party that was created after FDR’s presidency in 1932.

By the way, it was the Democrats who killed capitalism. The liberals that became the Democrats in 1972 did the work and now do the dirty work for the capitalist state.

The liberals were elected in 1972 to stop the Vietnam War from going very far and in 2008 they are trying to stop the same from going much further by taking away your rights, your private property and your jobs.

Let’s look at the facts that are being ignored by the liberal media: The military budget in 2013 was $690 billion. That’s not going to help the military in a war with the Islamic State.

There is no way to keep out the terrorists and the Islamic State. The only way to stop them is to get rid of the illegal immigrants coming here.

In the 1960s, Bill Clinton set aside $5 billion so a “super-fund” could remove asbestos from housing. The government was telling the asbestos manufacturers that if they didn’t get rid of the asbestos then the government would buy the property. It bought the property and gave the asbestos property to the government.

In 1973, Congress declared that they wouldn’t pay for the damage done to the environment.

In 1993, the government tried to buy the toxic plants and companies and

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