Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party will file a motion of no confidence against the premier’s bill

Toronto council backs fight against Quebec’s Bill 21, calling it ‘contrary to the values of Torontonians and Canadians’

TORONTO – The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party will file a motion of no confidence against the premier’s bill that is currently before Parliament, calling it “inconsistent with the values of Torontonians and Canadians” and “unacceptable in the face of discrimination against French Canadians.”

The motion, which will be tabled at Queen’s Park, comes after the province signed a binding letter of intent to participate in a province-wide legal challenge to Quebec’s controversial Charter of Values. At a news conference today, the PC caucus unanimously backed the no-confidence motion.

“We are confident that we will get Ontario out of the court battle, and will be able to move forward on a consensus basis,” said Premier Doug Ford.

Earlier, PC caucus chair Chris Bentley called on Premier Ford to “find the courage and the wisdom” to pull the bill before it goes to the legislature for a final vote.

“We’re going to look at it in a way that is fair to both parties, and we’re going to support our PC colleagues in their efforts to find consensus,” said Bentley.

“The premier, in his eagerness to try and force through a constitutional amendment, has put us in a very poor position where we find ourselves in an unusual position. He’s looking to undermine the ability of the premier to govern, to govern this province, and we are not the premier,” said PC MPP Lisa MacLeod.

Bentley said the PC caucus would need to discuss the issue further with members later in the fall.

Earlier today, Premier Ford said he does not think Bill 21 – which would change the province’s civil marriage legislation to recognize same-sex marriage – is a constitutional amendment, but added he could potentially use executive orders to impose the change if his party and the province do not reach a consensus.

“I’m not looking to do an amendment,” he told reporters. “I’m looking to make sure that the people of Ontario —

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