The Beverly Grove Gangsters Are Getting Away With Their Guns

Suspects ram stolen van into Chanel store in Beverly Grove

Beverley-Grove residents were shocked this weekend when a van carrying 14 heavily armed gangsters crashed and nearly hit a customer.

Chanel store

Beverley-Grove resident Mike Merts – and many others – were shocked when a van carrying 14 heavily armed gangsters crashed into a store in Beverly Grove.

Video of the incident posted on Facebook Saturday showed the van driving into the mall and crashing into a wall.

The video shows a small army of attackers jumping out of the van on the sidewalk. Two of the gunmen were wearing ski masks.

“They got a lot of attention for it today, but, we’ve had several in the past where they were doing a mass get-away,” Merts said.

“You just start questioning – are they really serious about what they’re doing? Are they really going to do something else that’s quite different?”

While police haven’t said much about the incident, a Facebook page dedicated to the incident has exploded with over 100,000 “likes.”

The post claims the group of attackers targeted the store with the intention of robbing it, although it could very well have been an attempt to destroy evidence.

“Gang members are extremely dangerous,” the post continued. “One of them was armed with a stun-gun. He was actually able to kill himself with one of these guns (I’m sorry I should use a real name) but the rest are all very close to firing their guns.”

Several of the suspects in a group of robbers who attacked a Beverly-Grove Starbucks store in May of 2011. Investigators believe the robbers got in the store through a back door.

“The gun used was one they stole from someone at Walmart,” the post states.

“One of the gang got out of the van and jumped over the counter and pulled out a gun which the other gang member had aimed at him, but then a customer was screaming. The gang member then turned his gun on the customer and fired one shot,” he continued.

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