The first Iranian women’s expedition to the Haghaniyeh

Iranian Climber Elnaz Rekabi Is Welcomed by Crowds in Tehran

On Sunday morning, a group of Iranian climbers scaled the 1,060 meter (3,287 foot) Haghaniyeh in northern Iran. Their climb brought them high above the barren rocky mountains in the north and gave them the unique opportunity to observe the climate change on the high plateau.

As they climbed, their climbing companions kept them posted on the local social media with live feeds of the climb. Their photos will be published here and are embedded at the end of this post.

The Haghaniyeh, a massive peak in Khomaini, the highest mountain range in northern Iran, has never been climbed. However, a small group of Chinese climbers have made a few attempts in the past four decades. The Chinese have been invited back to Iran for the climb, and many members of the expedition, including four Iranian women, have taken part in the expedition for the first time.

Iran News Agency (IRNA) is reporting that the group of four women (including Mahnaz Rekabi, Elnaz Rekabi) who participated in this first Iranian women’s expedition have scaled one of the tallest peaks in Iran.

Mahnaz Rekabi told the media that they had been expecting a busy week. “It has been three years of hard work and I am happy that this year my body was able to endure the hard work with ease.

“The first time we got to the summit of a mountain was in the spring and it was very windy. We had to climb up on the wind and I felt like a mountain’s woman with a white dress. We climbed the mountain with lots of difficulties because the weather was terrible,” Rekabi’s statement said.

The group of four climbed alone. There was no backup at the top.

Elnaz Rekabi, who is a professional climber, said that the expedition to the Haghaniyeh is a personal undertaking.

“I wanted to go to the peak in the first place because of my love for Haghaniyeh. The first time I went to Iran, this peak was not on our list. During my holidays in Germany, this peak was on our list. Three years ago,

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