The Horse Industry Is Not Responsible for the Problems It Causes

Letters to the Editor: There is no ‘humane’ way to raise animals for meat

Published: Sunday, April 13, 2011 at 3:30 a.m.

Last Modified: Saturday, April 12, 2011 at 11:01 p.m.

I write with respect for the way Dr. George F. Knight Jr. deals with the issue of horse slaughter in his newsletter. He has been an inspiration to me. His newsletter is one of the most valuable resources I have on this issue.

Dr. Knight is not alone. I have encountered many others. They have been willing to speak out against horse slaughter, and to the best of my knowledge, have done so in good conscience and with the respect that they are entitled to.

The media has been the best tool to bring this issue to the attention of the public. They have been very kind in giving Dr. Knight and others who speak in his defense the opportunity to be heard by the greater public.

We, as a community, have been responsible for what has happened over the past few years with the equine industry. We are responsible for the problems that have been generated. In turn, the industry has done its part by keeping the public uninformed on the subject.

From my perspective, the industry does that because the public is not allowed to see the truth. They are not allowed to see what is happening at slaughter houses like the one in New Smyrna Beach, where horses are loaded into rail cars and shipped to faraway lands to be processed and slaughtered. They are not allowed to see the truth about the suffering and death that is a part of a business that employs tens of thousands of people.

When the public sees the truth about these issues, they will act. They will demand that the industry take care of its employees and their families. They will demand that the industry stop the practice of animal cruelty toward the animals. They will demand that those in the industry take responsibility for the practices that will generate more suffering and death.

They will insist on the right to live. They will seek the dignity of a living, breathing species. They will demand the protection for their horses and other animals. They will demand that they not be treated like cattle just for the heck of it. They will demand to be treated as a living, breathing, breathing sentient organism worthy of respect.

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