We Can’t Stop Trump From Running

It’s 2024. Trump Backers Won’t Certify the Election. What Next, Legally?

For the past 50 years, we have taken our country for granted. When Trump finally announces he will run for president, we won’t know how long it will be before he is defeated by an even stronger nominee. In many ways, this is a good thing. In this election cycle, I have been working with three people who love this country dearly and who will no longer support the Republican Party.

When we began working together, both of our motivations were simple – to help preserve our democracy and make sure that the GOP could not regain control of the U.S. Senate. That’s our mission. But recently, I have begun to see that we might be too late to stop Trump from winning the election.

If I can make one thing clear to Trump supporters everywhere, I repeat it again and again: you can win this election, but you have no legal right to stop him from running.

That’s why after winning in 2016, Trump’s opponents are working towards the same goal. We don’t want the outcome to be a Trump victory. We want it to be a victory for Republicans.

To have any chance of stopping it from being that, we need to build an army of well-organized, well-financed, and politically savvy independent groups that can be activated quickly. We need to coordinate with a multitude of independent organizations like Indivisible, MoveOn, CREDO Action, MoveOn, and others, all working to stop Trump’s agenda with one goal in mind: to make sure Republicans control the Senate.

Trump’s political team has told us that no candidate, Democrat or Republican, will get their votes unless they agree to rules changes that will guarantee him a 50-seat victory in the Senate. Those are their terms. Democrats have agreed. But

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