Jeffrey Dahmer to appear in “Murder at a Winter Wonderland”

Jeffrey Dahmer is way more popular on Netflix than on eBay, which bans killer costume pieces like his iconic “Puppy Chow” T-shirt

The man who admitted to killing at least nine people in the late ’90s will go on a speaking tour in Chicago in the next few weeks, the first of which will include a performance by fellow serial killer Ted Bundy’s daughter, who says she hates Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer, who is serving a life sentence at a California prison, will headline an event at the Chicago Cultural Center on March 7.

The serial killer will be presented by his ex-wife and attorney, Lisa M. Farmer, who told the New York Times that “a great, great guy” has shown up to court in prison dressed as Dahmer to highlight his case.

Farmer, who also represented Dahmer’s co-defendant, Steven Hayes, who has confessed to killing three people while wearing his ex-wife’s wedding dress, says she is “excited, thrilled, nervous, anxious, thrilled” and “looking forward” to speaking with Dahmer on the tour.

As part of his tour, Dahmer will play a role as a celebrity guest actor in the movie, “Murder at a Winter Wonderland,” which is based on Farmer’s murder trial against the late-night comedian Stephen Colbert.

Farmer says she was the first to bring Dahmer to her lawyer, Richard Dyer. “I gave the name of Jeffrey Dahmer to my lawyer, Richard Dyer, who I thought knew the man. And Richard knew, and he came to me and he said, ‘Do you think Jeffrey Dahmer would like to be on the show?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I think he would.'”

Farmer told the New York Times that she believed her daughter to be Dahmer until she was 4 years old, when she realized it was really Jeffrey.

Farmer also revealed about the alleged sex tape that was made by her daughter and Dahmer when they posed on the set of an “Extreme Makeover:

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