The Democratic Party Is Not Focusing on the Ninth District

Your guide to California’s Congressional District 41 race: Rep. Ken Calvert vs. Will Rollins – Part 2

By: Bob Kallan

After reading part one, now let’s dive right in and see where our candidates stand on the issues.

One of the first things that comes to mind is: The two candidates are both Republicans. They certainly have very different views on the issues, but both are very passionate about this community.

It’s interesting, but the fact is that the district is dominated by the Republican party, with a strong Republican voter base, and Republican-leaning political parties.

That’s not a very ideal situation for a Democrat trying to run for office.

For example, there’s no Democrat left in the Ninth District to run on and the Democratic Party has not been active in the area for decades.

That’s one reason why the Democrats have decided that they want to focus on the Second Congressional District and not this one.

Another reason the Democrats are not focused on the Ninth District and won’t run or support a Democrat is the fact that the district is dominated by a Republican-leaning political party.

This district has elected Republicans for the majority of its history as a whole.

Now, this district is unique in California. We’ve never had a Democrat sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Why? Because when there are four or more seats up for grabs in November, the Democratic candidate is almost always voted out of office.

That’s a very rare thing in the nation.

It doesn’t happen in the Ninth District very often. A Democrat doesn’t run in this district. The one year I ran in this district I lost.

I believe that this district would be much more competitive if we had a Democrat in the race.

Now, let’s look at this race and then see where the candidates stand.

Let’s start with Rep. Ken Calvert.

Calvert is a very conservative Democrat from the Central Valley. He is a real conservative, and he has always been an advocate of limited government.

He is pro-life, pro-gun rights, pro-traditional marriage, and anti-drugs.

He believes in the U.S.

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